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    1. Sheepskin Sofa Cover

      Eco-friendly tanning process used in production.
      Sheepskin from Australia and New Zealand.
      Wool pile height of 1" and 2.5".
      Multiple colors to choose from.

    1. Lambskin Rug (Pelt Shape)

      Eco-friendly tanning process used in production.
      Round carpet 90 cm to 180cm in diameter.
      3mm foam quilted suede fabric backing available for option.

    1. Sheepskin Rug (Pelt Shape)

      This pelt-shaped sheepskin rug can be made of a single pelt, double pelts, four pelts, six pelts, or eight pelts.
      Color is made to order.

From sheepskin sofa covers to floor rugs to tatami futons, Bocal's luxurioushome textiles brighten up homes and add a natural, plush style to living rooms, children's rooms, and kitchens. Use our mattress toppers that support the back or our sheepskin dusters for easy cleaning. A line of BabyCare products, including sleeping bags, stroller fleeces, and blankets, provide a sense of security and comfort to small children. Our sheepskin décor comes in a variety of patterns, sizes, and colors, but we also do OEM/ODM designs and can embroider company logos on many of the products. Contact us today to place your order.

Natural sheepskin is the thickest, softest and most durable fabric in the world. Comfort and function all-in-one.It keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the Winter.Wool properties heat and moisture regulation, acoustic performance, flame resistance, antistatic abilities, indoor air filtration capabilities, odour suppression, UV absorbency.
Where the raw material skin come from?
Most of our Merino sheepskins are imported from Australia and New Zealand. These sheepskin is a by-product of the meat industry and no animals are harmed specifically for use of the skins。
Does sheepskin products Eco-friendly?
Our sheepskins are tested regularly to ensure that they do not contain harmful chemicals. Chemical standards differ worldwide and we monitor and manage this process carefully to make sure we are adhering to local and international standards. The dyeing system we use depends on the end use of the sheepskin. None of our dyeing methods use AZO dyes and we are compliant with EU Reach/TUV/CE Regulations.
How to care and clean your sheepskin?
Regular vacuuming with a plain suction vacuum cleaner will help to maintain wool fibres. Longer wool rugs benefit from occasional brushing with a wire pet brush . Small spills can be sponged off with a damp cloth. Avoid exposure to strong direct sunlight as UV will damage the natural fibers and fade dyed sheepskins. Do not store in damp or wet conditions as the natural skin pelt may deteriorate.
Brushing is effective on unshorn, long wool products only. After washing, the wool fibers will likely revert back to their natural curly state. Brushing with a wire wool comb when wet, and once dry, will help restore the fluffy appearance of the fibers.
Air-dry your sheepskin by hanging it on a line or laying it out flat – although please remember, not in direct sunlight. It is important to stretch sheepskin during the drying process, this helps to retain the shape and prevent excessive shrinkage.