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Faux Wool Earmuff

Bocal's imitation sheepskin looks and feels just like real wool, making it the perfect material for affordable and warm earmuffs. The ear pad is 6" in diameter, and the faux fur earmuffs come with a knitted woven band, adjustable plastic band or thin steel band. Plush and cushioned for extra warmth, our imitation sheepskin earmuffs are great for outdoor skiing, snowboarding, and hiking as well as everyday use. Choose from multiple colors and designs to coordinate with your hats, scarves, and gloves for keeping warm and stylish on a cold day.

1. Imitation sheepskin pile height is 22mm.
2. Adjustable plastic band and thin steel band both available.
3. Customer logo embroidered or printed on band.
4. MOQ 10,000 pieces per color.
5. Delivers in 45 days.
6. Sample in 10 days.

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