Company Advantages

A) Experienced Tannery

Sheepskin Tanning Process Flow
  • Raw Material —›
  • Tanning Pickling —›
  • Natural Drying —›
  • Combing Wool —›
  • Finished Products
  • ‹— Lining
  • ‹— Stitching
  • ‹— Hand Tailoring

Bocal is the one of most experienced tanneries in China, having been in the sheepskin tanning industry for over 15 years and making sheepskin products for everyday use.

B) Experienced Workers
Thanks to over 100 workers trained on-the-job, Bocal Sheepskin World has become one of the most famous brands in China for sheepskin products.

C) Professional Exporter
Over 70% of our sheepskin and faux lambskin products are exported to countries all over the world. Bocal partners with trusted shipping companies so that our customers get the best services at the best prices.

D) Helpful Services
Bocal's professional team helps customers develop patterns and samples to give you a good idea of what your sheepskin product will look like and how much it will cost before you invest in large-scale manufacturing.

E) Reliable and Responsible
Bocal promises on time delivery and takes responsible for any delays and faulty products. We will refund your money if anything happens.

F) Quick Feedback
We place the highest value on customer concerns and questions. We guarantee to respond with feedback, solutions, formal quotations, and confirmations within 24 hours.

Bocal warmly welcomes customers to visit our company, and appreciates all kinds of cooperation!

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