1) Can I specify wool quality and pile height?
Yes, if you have specific requirements for the density, softness, and smoothness of the wool or the pile height, let us know in the beginning of the process. We carefully pre-select the raw materials to fit your specifications before beginning mass production of sheepskin home décor, sheepskin car accessories, and sheepskin boots.

2) Can I order sheepskin products with my logo on them?
Yes, you can design and apply your own logo to fabric that we will stitch onto the products for you. We will also add a washing label on products if needed. Please note the Logo Shop has a MOQ depending on the design.

3) Can I use my own design or pattern for sheepskin products?
Yes, our design team will help apply your pattern to our sheepskin products and provide samples until you've created the product you want. Contact our support department at bocal@sheepskinworld.com for more information.

4) Can I get a sample?
We have samples available anytime. Sample colors depend on what we have available in stock. Most samples are free, but some may have a small charge depending on the product. We currently accept Paypal/Alipay with credit card, West Union, and TT. Contact our customer service line with questions. Shipping costs for samples sent by mail are covered by customers.

5) Are there options for less expensive material?
Yes. Because real sheepskin can be costly, Bocal has developed 100% acrylic imitation sheepskin (imitating short hair) and lambskin (imitating long hair). Our imitation sheepskin is very dense and feels great in shoes and boots and for seat covers, rugs, etc. Please note that our faux fur has a MOQ for each color.

6) How do I clean my sheepskin products?
For real sheepskin, natural lanolin in the wool has self-cleaning properties. Daily airing will help keep the sheepskin fresh. Lightly soiled areas can be sponged off and towel dried.

For deeper cleaning, hand or machine wash once a month in warm water using detergent without enzymes or bleach. Woolskin Washing Liquid in particular is formulated for sheepskin and lambskin. Tumble dry on cool setting and hang to dry. Avoid ironing or placing in direct sunlight or near a heat source.

We also recommend dry cleaning with a specialist drycleaner.

If you have more questions please contact our customer service lines by mail or Skype. We will respond to your questions as soon as we can.

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